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letter twenty-seven is a jack of all trades, with the insight to harness the power of the word for sales, marketing, research, or for pure aesthetic pleasure. together with you, I look at what form your message needs. your input is welcome all stages of the creative process.


the word never stands alone. often, the visual encasing of your message plays a crucial role. letter twenty-seven works together with you to create the visual presence you need, in the form of website design, flyer and leaflet design, and photography for on- and offline use. if you would like your message to reach further, letter twenty-seven offers social media guidance and strategy design.


rome wasn't built in one day, but they were laying bricks every hour. I have managed to marry my perfectionism to my acceptance for the entire writing process - from those first, wobbly initial drafts, over-written and under-worked, to the final draft many bricks and working hours later. I am convinced this process requires only one essential tool: editing. the mortar, if you will.

sometimes, it is hard to edit a text or product that you have been labouring over for many hours. you are simply too close to it. this is where letter twenty-seven comes in. take a step back.

rome can assume many forms, amongst which SEO website texts, marketing texts, application letters, CVs, and academic articles. let me help you build your city.


the ability to reach across linguistic and cultural divides is not a superpower. given a bit of practice, it can become second nature. but when it comes to your business, you want to make sure your message comes across the way you want it to. letter twenty-seven can help when each word and turn of phrase matters.

letter twenty-seven specializes in two languages: dutch and english. I have translated from dutch to english, and english to dutch, for corporate and educational companies. native fluency in both languages means that whatever form your message takes, whether it is a marketing, informational, or creative text, it arrives in its destination intact and with conviction.

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