the fine print

the proposal

don't worry, I won't be getting down on one knee. in order to get an idea of what you are after, we will meet by email or phone, or in person over a strong cup of coffee or a good meal. I spend time in both London and the Netherlands, and can be flexible to make a meeting work around your schedule.

if I feel I can help you, and more importantly, if you feel confident I can too, I will write you a detailed proposal. this will outline the work you need done, the work I will do for you, and the fine print such as fees and taxes. you are of course free to suggest amendments (or make a counter-offer) at any time, or decide you are after something else after all.

the legwork

you have decided letter twenty-seven is the woman for the job. during the production process that follows, we will work closely together and I will keep you up to speed about the latest developments. you will retain your veto-power on any decisions I make. my work on your project is collaborative, and you are the captain of this creative ship. I merely provide the wind.

the fees

chances are, you own your own business. you work hard to earn a living, and you monitor every penny you spend. I am in the same boat.

letter twenty-seven's services don't cost the world. together, we will decide on a fee that is agreeable to us both.

let's work together

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